Many of you know I have a few other blogs that I regularly maintain besides this one. One of them is It Might Be Love, a site with a little bit of everything on dating, relationships, family, friendship, gift ideas, date ideas, and everything we love in between.

I’m giving away FREE entrecard credits and FREE weekly and monthly advertising spots over there and decided to shamelessy promote it on Best of Stupid as well. To learn more about the give-away, click here to visit It Might Be Love for more details.

One of the ways to enter the contest is to write a post about anything related to love. It’s easy to write something about love. For example, on this site we LOVE stupidity. Finding stupid things and laughing at them is incredibly fun. I used to get pissed off or annoyed by stupid things…now I just grab my camera. :)


It’s been a busy week for me. I could give you the details, but you’d probably be bored pretty fast.

Instead, I though I’d share some of the things I read/found that made me laugh and caught my attention this week and are worthy of a blue ribbon or two:


Do Aliens Exist? I don’t know the answer to the question, but I enjoyed Freelance Guru’s post The Truth is Out There: Do Aliens Exist? Those unfamiliar with the Freelance Guru, he’s a funny guy that lives on top of a pole and answers important questions.

Big Bald Pappa: I just recently started reading this blog after our launch of the Adspace Contest. If you want to see some funny pictures, he’s got a nice collection of Chinese to American translations gone wrong that are pretty funny.

The NES Controller Coffee Table: You can keep your Playstation 3’s and X Boxes, I am loyal to the original Nintendo Introduced to me by Geek Mom Mashup this week, you can see full pictures and instructions on making a giant, working NES Controller Coffee Table at the Ultra Awesome Blog.

TiggyBlog: This is always a fun site to visit, my favorite from reading this week was her post on How to Cure Internet Addiction with Other Addictions. (Yes, that post was from last week, but I’ve been busy and just catching up on things now!)

Did you see something funny you enjoyed this week? Have something I might have missed? Share it with me!


I’m going on vacation for about a week or two. I’m not taking my laptop with me. The good news is I should have LOTS of new and original stupid pictures for you when I get back!

So while I’m gone, I highly suggest you read some of these blogs instead:
Gorilla Sushi: It’s Thursday, so more than likely Jason has his latest picture for his caption contest - Go check it out!

Space Dust: I’ve written about Space Dust before but it’s worth another visit to see the latest funny pictures he’s added.

Sogeshirts Blog: Tim is always cooking up something funny and interesting. Go see his funny t-shirts too - they will definitely make you laugh.

It’s the Recession Stupid: We humans are stupid. These funny green aliens will help you become less stupid.

I’ll be back sometime in a week or two so feel free to leave me some comments and I’ll reply whenever we come back - If you have a funny blog you think I might like, feel free to share that with me, too!